The item I am looking for is no longer on your website, why?
Over the past year we have started reforming Grip Royal. To better serve our customers we are attempting to move away from pre-order items entirely. Keep this in mind this does NOT mean the product is discontinued or will not return. The item you're after is simply out of stock. We hope to keep as many painted wheels on hand and pre-made, ready to ship, for our customers to order in the future. Please excuse our transitional period where our inventory is still a restraint and we do not have the model you're after listed. Please feel free to email our staff and request this item be restocked as to raise our priority on that item.

I have placed an order on the website and not received a tracking number, when will my order ship?
Once our staff processes your order it will be applied a tracking number. The tracking number will not show updates until it leaves our facility the following BUSINESS-DAY. Our system automatically sends you an email with this tracking number so please be sure to check your spam/trash inbox. If you think there was an error and the email wasn't sent, please email our staff at sales@griproyal.com with your 5-digit order number requesting a tracking number and we will respond once time permits.

What do I need to install my Grip Royal steering wheel?
You will need an adapter hub that is specific for your vehicle. Every vehicle has a different steering column with a different spline amount, design, and diameter. To install an aftermarket steering wheel setup you must have the appropriate adapter hub to convert your column from a spline design to a universal six bolt pattern.

What brand hub adapters are compatible with Grip Royal products?
All Grip Royal products utilize a 70mm PCD six bolt pattern. Therefore, many manufactures produce products that are compatible with Grip Royal steering wheels! Brands such as NRG Innovations, Momo, Sparco, OMP, Splash, and Worksbell are a few products that are compatible amongst other brands.

Can I just install a quick release or hub with my steering wheel?
All steering columns require hub adapters to convert the column to a 70mm six bolt pattern. No, you cannot install the quick release without the hub adapter. Yes, you can install the hub adapter without a quick release. Depending on the vehicle and the hub it may place the steering wheel uncomfortably close to the stocks on the column (windshield wipers, turn signals, etc.). Every vehicle is different so we recommend asking friends with similar setups or searching online for the best and most comfortable combination.

When installing my hub/quick-release, my Grip Royal steering wheel is now turned sideways, why is that?
Grip Royal products utilize the same 70mm six bolt pattern as many other steering wheel and hub manufactures; however, Grip Royal products have the pattern rotated to another location. We have completed our new Rotator-Spacers you can purchase to correct this issue without changing the orientation of your hub. If you choose to not purchase our Rotator-Spacer, most adapter hubs come with a ‘top dot’ to align the top for use with their respective products. We recommend NOT using these dots during installation. For installation we suggest mounting the steering wheel directly to the hub BEFORE applying the hub to the steering column. After tightening the adapter hub, remove the steering wheel for quick release installation. Basically, you will use the steering wheel for ensuring alignment of the hub on the column matches that of Grip Royal products. If your adapter hub and steering column will not allow the turning of the products due to alignment notches or other designs, you will need to have a front end alignment to adjust your steering rack to match that of the steering wheel installation.

My horn button does not fit in the center of my Grip Royal wheel, why?
Horn buttons are held in the center by a horn retaining ring that is specific per your adapter hub. If you are running an NRG slim hub, the depth of the hub may not allow the use of a horn at all. If you are running a quick release unit, there will be a metal c-ring that goes within the upper section of the quick release and holds the horn button. If you are using a full size adapter hub there should be a metal retainer ring that came with the hub that will mount between the hub and steering wheel which holds the horn in place.

Will installing a Grip Royal steering wheel throw codes or disable anything on my vehicle?
Every vehicle is different so we cannot answer for each specific vehicle. Some vehicles with OEM steering wheels offering an airbag will most likely throw airbag lights on the dashboard. Some vehicles have traction control lights thrown during installation of an aftermarket steering wheel setup. Some adapter hubs do not retain use of the horn button after installation. We recommend asking friends or forum members with similar setups for more detailed responses regarding your specific vehicle. There are some vehicles with no effects from aftermarket steering wheel installation and others with all of the above and more. Grip Royal is not responsible for any changes made to your vehicle, nor with providing information or products to resolve these issues as they are entirely the responsibility of the purchaser.

What type of paint is used on Grip Royal products?
Grip Royal products are painted with high grade automotive paint. Our different colors range from two, three, and four stage painting processes. We use multiple brands including House of Kolor, Valspar, Dupont, and Nason as well as other specialty brands. All wheels are finalized with two layers of automotive clear coat.

Can I request a darker or lighter stained wood wheel?
Due to the changing of seasons, wood movement, and stains per batch Grip Royal cannot ensure you will receive a ‘lighter’ or ‘darker’ stained wood wheel. Every wheel is different than the next.

How long will my painted order take to arrive?
If a painted wheel can be viewed and added to the shopping cart on our website it means the product is currently in stock and ready to ship. This item should ship the following business day unless our staff is participating in a national holiday or traveling to an event. If you have added flake to a wheel then we will have to physically paint this onto the wheel and your item will ship once complete, usually within a two week window..

Can I pre-order a wheel?
At the moment, Grip Royal has stepped away from Pre-Order items. In the past we have gotten overwhelmed from pre-orders and haven't been able to maintain our usual turn-around times, leaving customers with an unsatisfactory experience. Our attempt to deliver the best product with the best experience has prevented us from opening any future pre-orders until we are capable of handling the amount of orders it entails. We hope you understand and appreciate your patience.

Are Grip Royal leather wheels genuine leather?
Yes, all of our leather option wheels are genuine leather.

I have a Grip Royal painted wheel and it has chipped, do you sell touch-up paint?
Unfortunately we do not sell touch up paint. Because we paint such large volume of products we only purchase paint in high bulk amounts. However, Grip Royal does offer a re-spray option to previous customers by allowing them to send in the product and have it repainted again for a low cost.

Is Grip Royal accepting sponsorships and how do I apply?
Please email info@griproyal.com with a request for a sponsorship application. Please keep in mind that Grip Royal is not always accepting sponsorships.

Why does Grip Royal not take orders via phone?
Due to the amount of time we spend hands-on with our products we are generally unable to answer any phone calls, especially with the volume of orders and questions we receive on a daily basis. Please direct any and all inquiries to the CONTACT page of www.griproyal.com or directly to info@griproyal.com via email. We appreciate your patience and respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.

How do I clean my Grip Royal steering wheel?
For all of our steering wheels we recommend using a quick release unit and removing the steering wheel from the vehicle when not in use. Removing the steering wheel from direct sunlight and harsh temperatures will prolong the life of all materials.

LEATHER: Leather steering wheels are just like any other leather interior piece. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean your leather as it will strip away the protectant layers. The best method of cleaning is with a damp rag on a regular basis. By not cleaning your steering wheel, being that it is a high contact area, dirt will smooth the surface of the leather and make it look 'shiny' and eventually start to crack. We recommend using warm soapy water to clean your leather if you have gotten it very dirty, or just a simply wipe down on a regular basis to prevent major build up. Warning, some leather wipes or cleaners may contain chemicals that will break down the coloring of the leather.

WOOD: Wood steering wheels are sealed and have a high gloss surface. A simple wipe down with a rag is enough to keep the wheel cleaned. If your wheel has high build up we recommend a damp rag or very mild cleaning chemicals. Treat your wood steering wheel as you would your other interior pieces of your vehicle.

PAINTED: Painted steering wheels are very delicate items. Our steering wheels us a two stage automotive paint system so it is just like the paint on the exterior of a vehicle. With this in mind, the same characteristics and methods should be applied when it comes to taking care and cleaning the steering wheel. A simple wipe down with a rag or mild cleaners will suffice for regular maintenance. If necessary washing with soap and water can remove hard grime build up. We highly recommend using a quick release unit with these wheels and keeping them indoors or under your seat when not driving the vehicle. With extreme weather conditions the wood will expand and contract and can damage the paint, especially being that the steering wheel is the highest contact area with the driver within the vehicle.

I would like a custom steering wheel not shown on the website, can Grip Royal make this for me?
Grip Royal is working to provide the highest amount of customizable steering wheels as we can physically handle. Due to our work load we currently do NOT offer custom lettering/designs to single order or public orders. For collaboration orders, please contact sales@griproyal.com via email. For a custom color, please email sales@griproyal.com via email providing a paint color code as well as what spoke color option you’d prefer. We do charge for custom color orders for materials, so please keep in mind it will be more expensive than our already advertised colors.