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Grip Royal was founded by automotive enthusiasts to raise the level of interior modification with personalization in mind. Through the years, the goal has remained the same though the options have gained more variety. As enthusiasts, we understand that each owner’s vehicle is a reflection of their own personalities and interests. With a wide variety of styles, Grip Royal products offer an option for everyone. The universal application of Grip Royal products allows for installation in just about any vehicle including, but not limited to, imports, classics, trucks, and boats. Because Grip Royal products are generally low run production and often are made to order, our staff is constantly working to release the next new model. Please enjoy our selection as we continue to develop and provide new options and styles!

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We accept email contacts only as to maintain a record of all conversations and to permit our staff time to work physically in the shop.  Please email us at info@griproyal.com any time you have any questions and we will be happy to get back to you as soon as time permits. Please keep in mind we are not only working on the computer throughout the day and may not always be able to respond instantly. We really appreciate your patience!

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We are honored to be involved in your automotive build! It makes our day to know we have reached other enthusiasts all around the globe! Add items to your cart and begin checkout for a quick shipping quote based on your location.

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We accept all payments through our trusted secure Paypal checkout. Even without an account you can checkout using a credit or debit card and know the transaction is covered by Paypal’s safe system.

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