We just added new #royalbrute upholstered options! CHECK THEM OUT NOW! 

New stickers are now available in the LIFESTYLE section of the webstore! Designed, printed, and cut by our friends at @yankiispecial ! 

The first ever hosted drift event around Little Talladega’s Drift Mansion was successfully held in December of 2022! Yankii Special came out and grabbed some video of this drift event to highlight the slip-n-slide action!

We ventured up to Fayetteville, AR, to join our friends at Yankii Special for the second annual TougeCon event earlier this year. The event started off with a city-supported parking garage meet on Friday night. We woke up early Saturday to rendezvous with the group for the scheduled touge cruise out to Oark Cafe where we were greeted with open arms and the special “Midnight Club” burger! The roads were winding and an absolute blast to drive! After eating lunch with the group, we return cruised to Fayetteville town square to setup our booth on the streets of the square in front of the town center. The town was filled with jdm enthusiasts as we spent the day enjoying cars throughout the town. It was refreshing to have been met with smiling faces as the city of Fayetteville truly enjoyed having this event in the heart of their city. Add this event to your 2023 calendar and don’t miss it!! <3

“TougeCon is a celebration of Japanese cars and culture in the epicenter of the Ozark Mountains, Fayetteville Arkansas. Featuring a Curated drive of some of the best roads in the area, Professional Media coverage, Vendors, Car show, Exclusive merchandise, Special guests, and more! So bring your JDM mountain machines and join us September 23 -24 for the only event of its kind in the Midwest, TougeCon.”


We’re hitting the road this weekend to go shake down our cars at @littletalladega to ensure everything we just changed works properly. Then, we’re loading our inventory and hitting the road up to Michigan to setup at Gridlife Midwest Festival! @gridlifeofficial

In our absence we have created a coupon code to receive 15% off any order! Use coupon code TOTHEGRID now until June 6th, 2022, to utilize this discount!

We will be camping at the track but will work our hardest to be answering emails and keep all of our customers updated and responded to during our office absence. All shipments will take place upon our return to office. We appreciate your patience and can’t wait to rip at the track! If you’re hitting Gridlife, be sure to swing by and say hello!


Our dear friend @dangerdan3 has been hanging out around the shop the last few months to help us expeditiously start and finish this wild S14 build that we have been rolling around for the past eight years! To follow the build, here are Dan’s videos from most start to finish on the build! We will be testing the offroad configuration at @littletalladega this upcoming weekend and he will add another episode on his channel once we’ve finished out the weekend!

You can help our friend Dan out by clicking “WATCH ON YOUTUBE” in the bottom left of each video. Watching on the actual YouTube page, liking, commenting, and subscribing truly does help our buddy out and this is how he makes a living. He needs the support and we truly appreciate your efforts to help support our friend!! <3 


A huge thanks to all of the drivers who joined us this year for the wet and snowy Stoopicold 2022 here in Memphis!


Registration for the 2022 Stoopicold Drift event is now open! Please fill out and submit the application linked below!

Though we weren’t able to attend this year, our friend @dukenewport snapped these gorgeous shots of some of our supporters/drivers out at the event! <3

Here are some of our awesome drivers running at Klutch Kickers rd.3 shot by @DukeNewport! <3