Staying Busy @ GR

We have stayed quite busy through the last few months at Grip Royal. Here’re a few shots from around the shop when we had a moment to pick up the camera.

Our home away from our homes. Our shop doesn’t see too much foot traffic but that’s ok. We stay plenty busy fulfilling your custom steering wheel and shift knob orders!
The #restomods13 is out and about finally! We have a few minor issues to sort out still and a few components to complete on the interior. Overall, it runs great and looks even better. Time is the limitation here so the car doesn’t get much attention during the week. Also, now that the restoration-modification is nearly over, and with the styling of the exterior, the car has been named:


:pew: :pew:

Outside of all of the usual tasks Mike handles nearly all our email customer service and also makes all of our acrylic shift knobs from scratch. @griproyal_mike

Our dear friend Chris just snagged an rb26dett for his next s14 build (not the one in the background). He is very meticulous and always includes creative concepts to his projects. We can’t wait to see what the next couple years involve!
The first thing Chris did was remove the awd transmission and setup the motor for a test start-up. He ran the motor for a moment and then checked compression, while on this pallet, to ensure the motor was good before continuing his investment.

Chris also has a LSx swapped Toyota 4Runner he is constantly fabricating one-off parts for here in the GR shop.

Prakash’s S13 vert has been patiently awaiting him in the shop. He hasn’t driven it in months and should return home this weekend! We can’t wait to see that reunion burnout (after he changes the clutch)!!!
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    • griproyal-admin
      griproyal-admin says:

      Email us at – with all the COVID stuff going on and some of the time we’ve been spending with our family lately, and an increase in custom orders, we are a bit behind our usual scheduled turnaround times at the moment. Email in though with your order number and Mike will get you an update, as he is the one who makes the knobs. Thanks! -Scott


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