Ending 2019 with a bang!

We spent the first two weekends of December 2019 traveling to two different drift events. We camped in our enclosed car trailer, shout out to our buddy Andrew for loaning it to us to begin with, and had a blast!

Our first trip to Florida was a test event for the Klutch Kickers competitive series these guys have since publicly announced. The track is great for drifting and it was a fun environment to be in. We’re excited to see how they grow this competitive platform next year as they’re offering up $100,000 in winnings for their 5-event series! The weekend wasn’t very fun as far as driving went. Scott took the S13 out following the competition on Saturday and blew the stock SR transmission on the second lap, again.

We were forced to rush back home and swapped the factory SR transmission out for a CD8 6-speed from a G37. This setup was previously installed on Scott’s old yellow drift car and has been sitting on a pallet rack for a couple years now. We were able to swap the transmission over and have the car ready for the following weekend in New Orleans.

The EYB VI event by NOdrft was one hell of a weekend for drifing. With a skid pad, kart track, and full road course available for driving across three days, they also managed to include a team tandem competition that we were able to create some steering wheel trophies for! There was a huge bonfire ran by the track fire safety staff at night and many other forms of motorsports taking place that weekend on site. It was truly an amazing weekend for any auto enthusiast and we highly recommend this event if you’re in the southeastern region of the states!

Matt & Austin from Klutch Kickers were able to snag some beautiful shots from the weekends and were kind enough to send them over to us. Peep the coverage from these talented fellas down below!

Klutch Kickers – Florida

NOdrft EYB VI – Louisiana

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