We finally had the chance the drive our team car, HOT ICE! We loaded up directly from the dyno with @fulltune901 and hit the road to Florida for the first 2021 fun-day @Klutchkickers event! We broke a brake line on the front passenger side and learned the steering rack wasn’t centered to start the day. It took us a while to get find the correct hose but thanks to @autoshopdream we were back ripping later that day. Everyone had a chance to feel out the car and beat on it a bit. The next morning we had to prematurely load up and hit the road to make it back to Memphis. Midway on our trip the roads began to get icy, as an unusual winter storm has hit the southeast! It’s a good thing we traveled back when we did. The storm hit that night and Monday, our original returning travel day, the interstate was covered in ice! Mike was still on the gulf coast and his usual trip was doubled in length due to the poor road conditions. We are closed this week, as the shipping companies are not doing pickups or deliveries, to enjoy some family time in the snow (which we never ever get)! Enjoy these hot and spicy photos from our friends @aumacreatives of HOT ICE though in our absence!

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